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Thursday, June 12, 2014


Jukeboxes can play discs, and to get a disc you must make a skeleton kill a creeper with his bow. The creeper will then drop a disc.
All the types of music discs
Here's how to make a jukebox:
How to make a jukebox. Uses 8 wood planks and a diamond.
To play a disc, hold the disc in your hand and press the use item button while looking at the jukebox. The disc will start playing and you will see this at the bottom of the screen.

To take out the disc, press the use item button on the jukebox and the disc will pop out.


Monday, June 2, 2014


Sponges are purely for decoration, they have no useful aspect. Contrary to popular belief, they serve no function in absorbing water. They can only be obtained through creative mode.
minecraft sponge
A sponge block


Saturday, October 19, 2013

NAME TAGS! Name those mobs!

Name tags are used for naming almost any type of mob. A name tag can only be obtained through dungeon chests or from creative mode.
Name tag

HOW TO USE A NAME TAG: To use a name tag, you must first find an anvil and a name tag. Once you do, press the use item button on the anvil. You must name the name tag what you want the mob to eventually be named.
Note: naming the name tag does indeed cost a bit of enchantment levels.
Once you have done that, take the name tag and press the use item button on a mob with a name tag. 
It should have a name if done correctly. 
Kind of a bad name for a creeper...

FUN TIP!: If you name a mob Dinnerbone or Grumm it will flip on its back! 

Saturday, July 6, 2013


Carpets are very thin, the same thickness of a pressure plate. A carpet will perfectly cover 1 block.

Side view of a carpet
Carpets are made by putting two blocks of the same color wool in a crafting table.
Notice it yields 3 carpet squares

You can set down a carpet by pressing the use item button on the ground while holding a carpet. When the block under the carpet is broken, the carpet will be broken too. But there is a way to place a carpet over a redstone wire without it breaking.

You can still jump and stand on the carpet!


Saturday, April 20, 2013



DIFFERENT COLORS: First of all, horses can appear in multiple colors. Here are some types:
Left to right: black with white spots, brown with dark brown mane with white mark on head, reddish with white spots and beige mane, pure black

reddish brown with beige mane, dark brown with dark dark brown mane

Left to right: pure white, dark brown with white spots and really dark brown mane, black with white feet and white forehead mark, donkey, black with large white spots
NOTE: All those horses up there are actually a small number of horses you can see. Some may have different colors, but similar characteristics I.E spots. Those horses up there are previews. If I wanted to list all the horses it would take AGES. Anyway, before you ride a horse, you need to tame it.


SPAWN: Horses only spawn in plains biomes.
Minecraft plains

TAMING: To tame a horse, you need to earn its trust. Press the use item button while looking at a horse to ride it. Sometimes, the horse won't even allow you to get on it at all. Persistence is key. It will buck you off and you must repeat this process. Do it until it doesn't buck you off. Then it's tamed! You can also speed up the process of taming with food.
A horse bucking

You can feed a horse food to increase the taming probability

DISMOUNTING: To dismount a horse, press left shift.

HAY IS FOR HORSES: You can feed a horse hay, which will heal ten of its hearts and speed its growth by 3 minutes. How to craft hay:
Takes 9 wheat


RIDING: You need a saddle to actually ride a tamed horse.You can only find saddles in dungeons.

Press E while riding a horse and put the saddle in its inventory slot that has an outline of a saddle.
Saddled up!
Use the WASD keys to ride a horse. Horses can go extremely fast, and can jump if they need to. They don't have to jump to get above 1 block. To charge up a jump, hold space (or whatever your jump key is) and release when your jump meter is full. It will fill up as you hold space. If you hold space too long, the meter will decrease. Timing is important!
Charging up the jump. (The blue bar)
Riding a horse

BREEDING: To breed horses, you need two tamed ones. To breed them, start riding one of them and press the use item button with a wheat or a golden apple on them. Do the same to the other. Horses can't be bred while wearing armor (we'll get to horse armor soon). They should make a baby horse! The foal should get their parent's characteristics. To speed up a foal's growth, feed it sugar, apples, wheat, bread, hay blocks, or golden apples.
Baby horse
ATTACKING?: Nope. Horses can't attack.

PACK HORSES: Mules and donkeys can wear chests, which allows you to transport items. Press the use item button on a horse with a chest to put it on the horse. Then, ride the horse and press E. You will see your inventory and the horses inventory. You can fill his inventory with items. Mules and donkeys cannot wear armor, because they can wear chests.
A donkey with a chest

STAY HORSE!: To make a horse stay in one spot, you need a lead. Here's how to make a lead.
takes 1 slimeball and 3 string

To tie up the horse, you need a fence post. Press the use item with the lead on the horse, then on the fence post. Then it should stay in place! Press the use item button on the lead where it is tied to the fence to remove the lead.
Horse tied to a fence post
 Also,  you can only click the lead on the horse and not the fence post, which causes the lead to act like a leash. The horse will follow you when it has a lead on, but if you get too far away from the horse the lead may snap.
Leading a horse

ARMORED CALVARY: Yes! You can put armor on your horses! Mules and donkeys cannot wear armor, however. Here's how to make the types of horse armor:
Iron ingots+any type of wool = iron horse armor
Gold ingots+any type of wool = gold horse armor
Diamonds+any type of wool = diamond horse armor
Horse wearing armor minecraft
 Put on the armor like you did with the saddle.
TIP: There is no durability for horse armor, horse armor cannot break. Gold is better than iron armor only because there is no durability.


Saturday, March 16, 2013


Minecraft quartz pillar
In Minecraft, a quartz pillar is made by taking two quartz blocks and putting in a crafting table like this:
Crafting a quartz pillar. Takes 2 quartz blocks
Minecraft block of quartz crafting recipe. Takes 4 nether quartz
Nether quartz is found in the nether as nether quartz ore.
Minecraft nether quartz ore
The nether (no nether quartz ore pictured)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Minecraft trapped chest
In Minecraft, a trapped chest will activate a redstone signal, or any redstone device from up to two blocks away. The trapped chest must be opened to send the signal. Here's how to make a trapped chest:
how to craft a tripwire

crafting a trapped chest. takes a tripwire, and a chest.
the piston will be activated when the trapped chest is opened
A trapped chest has a slight red color around the silver lock, while a normal lock doesn't. A trapped chest can also be made into a large chest, and you can actually store things in a trapped chest.
this is the max distance a trapped chest can carry a redstone signal